A Family Centered Dance & Tumbling Education

Level 1

Butterfly stretch demonstration
Pre-forward bend (6-inches)
Square hip exercises- right
Square hip exercises- left
Straddle stretch demonstration
Articulated cobra demonstration

8 different requirements...

Balancing Skills
Right foot retiré (5 seconds)
Right foot retiré (5 seconds)
Rise on demi pointe (5 seconds)

Limbering Skills
4 different requirements...

Tumbling Skills
Hallow position- arms up
Log rolls
L handstands- right & left
Step hop in retire (continuous)
Rock and roll from standing to standing- tuck
Pre-cartwheel- right & left
Forward pike roll- ends in pike

Level Descriptions

**We will be following the Acrobatic Arts level of progressions. Our staff has quickly fallen in love with their program. Why? Because Acrobatic Arts focuses on BOTH aspects of tumbling, strength and flexibility. This varies differently from other programs because this program progresses students in a safe and healthy way as opposed to producing tricks with high risks. Our tumblers will have the strength and flexibility to perform tricks for their level. They will then perfect all aspects of the level BEFORE moving up to the next level. Which means tricks will be performed with ease and that lessens the chance of injury. Our goal it to produce quality tumblers and this program will allow us to do just that!

We will be offering Levels 1 - 12.

​Please see some examples of the different level requirements...

Level 2

5 different requirements...

Plank (20 seconds)
Superman (20 seconds)
Table top (20 seconds)
V sit (20 seconds)
Upper body lift (10 consecutive)
Bridge (10 seconds)
Wall sit (20 seconds)
Handstand facing wall-pike (10 seconds)

Balancing Skills
3 different requirements...

Limbering Skills
Articulated stretch and flex feet
Walk down the wall to 1/2 bridge and walk up the wall to standing kneeling half bridge
Inside out table top- right & left
Bridge retiré- right & left
Bridge waving- right & left

Tumbling Skills
5 different requirements...