A Family Centered Dance & Tumbling Education

We Are SO Much More Than Just Dance!

we believe in a family centered dance & Tumbling education where every individual can receive quality dance & Tumbling training.

What EXACTLY does family friendly mean?

​Family friendly means EXACTLY what it says...

  • Appropriate/Modest Costumes-
  • ​Family Friendly Music-
  • Age Appropriate Choreography-
  • ​Safe Training Techniques to Progress Dancers & Tumblers Safely- 
  • Adult Staff Members (families of their own!)-
  • Low Commitments = more family time!-
  • Students are encouraged to participate in outside activities!-


"(I) love the staff and the opportunities they offer!

I always can see improvement in my girls when they dance for Swiss City!

Ms. Mackenzie runs a beautiful studio driven by passion for dance

and incorporated family dynamics amongst the dancers!

They truly are an amazing group of people!"

          -Amie S.

"Love this place! Great teachers, atmosphere, and close to home!

Great pricing as well and so worth it!

          -Ashley P.

 "(I) Really enjoyed watching my daughter's recital!

Excellent Teachers!"
          -Ryan S.