​​Swiss City Dance

Recreational vs. Competitive

We are primarily a recreational studio. We offer weekly classes with NO extra practices throughout the dance season. 

For those dancers interested in a little bit more we do offer a competitive option. We offer solos, duos, and trios to any student(s) who would like to participate. These elective dances may be competed. We offer five competitions a year for students to participate in. One of these competitions is a national qualifier. If the student qualifies for national they may compete there throughout the summer

The upcoming 2017-2018 dance season will be our first season to allow competitive groups! We are very excited about this addition to our schedule. The days and times may be viewed on our competitive schedule tab. We will hold auditions for everyone wanting to join our competitive teams in August!

This competitive option allows dancers to expand their performance skills and reap the rewards of their hard work! We hope you would consider trying one of our competitive options.