​​Swiss City Dance

4:15-5:15Turns & Technique4:30-5:15Level 2/3 Tap4-8Open Studio
5:15-6:15Level 2/3 Ballet5:15-6Level 1 Clog

6:15-7:15Level 2/3 Jazz6-7Level 2 Clog

7-8Super Clog

8-8:30Musical Theater8-8:30Adult Clog


9:30-10Predance* (AM)

10-10:30Preschool Ballet (AM)

10:30-11Preschool Tap (AM)


Level 1 Tap4-4:30Preschool Acrobatics4-6Open Studio
4:45-5:30Level 1 Ballet4:30-5Preschool Hip Hop

5:30-6:15Level 1 Jazz5-5:30Preschool Tap (PM)

6:15-6:45Level 1/2 Hip Hop5:30-6Preschool Ballet (PM)

6:45-7:15Irish6-6:30Predance* (PM)6-6:30Preschool Clog


2017-2018 Schedule

Classes Start: Monday, Septemer 11th

Classes End: Thursday, May 18th

Annual Recital: Saturday, May 19th



Cheer4-5Jr Ballet4:30-5:15Mini Jazz
5-6Level 1 Tumbling5-6Jr Jazz5:15-6Mini Ballet
6-7Level 2 Tumbling6-8Solos/Duos/Trios6-7Creative Movements*
7-8Level 3 Tumbling

8-8:30Adult Hip Hop

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 A "*" means the class is done with a buddy.

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